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The Best Leadership Education For Your Child

Leadership education is about teaching children not only how to think, but also how to be leaders themselves in every aspect of their lives, whether it's at home, in the community in government, and in business.

Does this sound like the kind of education you'd like your child to benefit from? I know I want my children to think outside the box.

Historically, most of the greatest leaders and thinkers got their education through mentors and tutors at home.
As their education progresses, they would move on to prep schools and study the classics continuing a mentor approach.

The mentoring system created the best leaders in the world. Sadly enough, today's Americans usually think of professionals and specialists when they think of leaders. These specialists are rarely leaders.

The majority of our nation is made up of followers who don't seem to have any problems with the current system. If the next generation is going to overcome this problem, we must teach them how to be the leaders that will make a difference in our world.

There are four important components in leadership education: Mentors, time, and classics.

Students need enough time to learn, and that means they need structure. For example, an older student may need at least 5 hours of learning a day for 5 days a week.

This will allow enough time for your child to read and study. Younger students will not need so much time.

Mentors and Classics. We won't separate these two factors of leadership education because learning how to think well is attained through discussion of the classics.

It is essential for the mentor to read the classic that the student is reading. Both student and teacher should keep a reading journal by writing about key ideas.

You might choose to begin the day with an hour long math lesson. You might move on to writing or having a mentor discussion for another hour. In between, you could do studying, free reading, and experimentation.

For centuries, this type of learning has been the means for acquiring knowledge and skills needed for leaders.

With leadership education, you will be encouraged to find a mentor who can read and study the classics with your children. Although most people are familiar with certain literature and history classics, there are classics for practically all subjects.

Even in a subject like science, there are classics such as Newton's Principia Mathematics. You probably wouldn't want to begin with something like this, but when the appropriate time comes, try it.

Leadership education will teach your child how to think well. If you plan on being your child's mentor, you must make sure that you are a great learner and thinker.

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